Flower Share


What is a flower share?

Enjoy 10 weeks of the season’s most magical blooms in the form of one bouquet per week. Each bouquet is a moment in time as many flowers come around just once a year. Our farm is committed to diversity. Your bouquets will feature the many colors, textures, and scents of summer. Expect to see sweet peas, asters, snapdragons, larkspur, dahlias, zinnias, and more. Flower shares make great gifts!

How is the flower share beneficial to the farm and farmer?

Subscribing to a flower share enables the farm to grow more flowers, adding to the biodiversity of the landscape. Most of the costs associated with farming come at the beginning of the season while harvests don’t arrive till months later. Your subscription allows the farmers to invest in seeds, plants, and materials so that we can grow the most beautiful and unique blooms while adding to the biodiverity of the larger landscape.


Pick Up day time and location:

Thursdays, June 27th-September 6th


Laurelthirst Public House

Share Cost:

$195 for 10 weeks of the freshest blooms

Fawn Lily Farm accepts cash, check, and paypal.


Summer Flower Share

10 weeks of the most mesmerizing blooms