Meet the Farmers

Lindsay has many years of customer service experience, managerial, and organization skills. She spent five years working at plant nurseries and knows much about annual and woody perennial propagation methods. In 2013, she interned at a larger scale organic production farm and in 2014 she spent a year on a permaculture farm and nursery.
Courtney brings enthusiasm, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking to the duo.  For Courtney, farming means collaboration – with the soil, seeds, sun, pollinators and people.
She’s in Iceland for the time being, pursing a Masters degree in Environmental Science. See what she’s up to on steemit.
IMG_0307 (1)
We are inspired by nature and the natural process and strive to grow ethically produced flowers. Soil heath and biodiversity direct our farming methods and we are always looking to improve. The farmland owners are bee keepers and we work with them to maintain the property. Our farm is diverse, with over 100 varieties of flowers and herbs sown and grown with love. All flowers are ALWAYS pesticide free. As dedicated stewards of the land with values rooted in permaculture, our favorite variety is diversity.


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