Can I trade flowers for coffee?

Hello readers,

This is Lindsay writing as Courtney is on her way up to Corbett as I type this. Getting back into the swing of hoes and the prying of broad forks after about two months of lazing around my mom’s house in Spokane (and elsewhere, overwintering), drinking dollar beers and too much coffee, has been a slow process. My body seemed to reject the physical work, refusing to rise from bed with the 7:00 am alarm I set, but I think it’s coming around.

I spent the week weeding and prepping the hoop house for extra early flowers. Originally, Courtney and I were only planning on growing flowers and herbs in the field, reserving the hoop houses for our summer vegetables, but the more I study, the more I realize the hoop house will be our ally in making the flower farming business financially successful. The added protection of the hoop house will allow us to offer sweet peas, stock, snapdragons, sunflowers, and other foliage a month earlier in spring and later in fall. With enough frost protection, we can grow day neutral flowers any time of the year. These are flowers that bloom at maturity, with no requirements for day length. Examples include Bachelor Button and Sunflowers.

photo (8)
This tool makes me feel really strong.

I’ve met some really nice folks in Corbett. Everyone has been incredibly supportive of our venture and forthcoming with advice. A local farmer and former tenant to our land, Katie, let me borrow her broad fork to work the greenhouse. Corbett is a lush place, receiving 40-60 inches of rain per year. With all of the magnificent forests and waterfalls (we are 9 miles from Multonomah falls), come the grasses and lots of them. In fact, I believe this region is the grass seed capitol of the country. Thankfully, I’ve ordered a sharp hoe and am feeling pretty fearless, but I may soon change my tune. I’ll say it now: I’ve been warned by the populace (over and over again).

It’s been interesting navigating a business of our own. At 11:00 pm, Wednesday night, I realized I had ordered the wrong snapdragon seed. This mistake was undoubtedly due to the fact that I was exhausted. I would’ve just trialed it anyway, except that the variety I was intending to order was specific to hoop house growing with diminished light. Germania is an efficient company, often shipping out the same day the order is received. Neurotic as I am, I set my alarm to 5:00 am so that I would be able to call the office in Chicago when they opened at 7:00. I probably sounded like a crazy person, and the seeds had already been shipped, but I was able to order the correct variety and go back to sleep.

photo (9)
Pam loves bulbs.

I’m thinking I need to up my daily dosage of coffee, perhaps get an IV drip of caffeine, or make really good friends with a local roaster who loves mixed bouquets. Overall, things are good and soon seeds will sprout. It certainly feels like spring is in the air here.

photo (7)
There are two shots of espresso in this cup.

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