The beginnings!

How does one start a farm in the midst of this postmodern world saturated in virtual reality and fast food?

medicinal bouquet
a bouquet of chamomile, lavender, yacón, sage, tulsi, marigold and broccoli

You start with seeds. Seeds of change. Seeds of hope for a different sort of world.  A world with dirty fingernails and home cooked meals. A world of face to face and face to plant communication!

Lindsay and I dreamt up Fawn Lily Farm as we walked through a craft fair in Arcata, California. We soaked up inspiration as we perused the unique booths – like minded folks daring to create their dreams. What are our dreams? Growing beautiful flowers and glorious medicinal herbs for people and pollinators alike. So, why shouldn’t we start a flower and herb farm?

Well…money, land, time, familial expectations…the list continues. BUT dreams are resilient. We knew we wanted to settle in Oregon – California’s cool (and slightly cheaper) neighbor. We found a website, iFarm Oregon ~ ~ it pairs aspiring farmers with landowners. Through the website we met many potential land partners (encouragement for all you aspiring farmers out there!) with idyllic homestead situations, limitless potential for growth and downright rad farmers. *FYI: organic, sustainable farmers are some of the most down to earth (quite literally), creative and smartest people you will ever encounter*

Lindsay walking through the farm
Lindsay walking through Fawn Lily Farm

So we found a perfect match in Corbett, Oregon – a small farming town 18 miles east of Portland. The couple that owns the land is that type of rare, genuine human that makes you proud to be a part of this species. They are excellent stewards of their land and they just want to see young people like ourselves putting it to good use. With the go ahead from the wondrous Pam and Michael, we poured ourselves into seed catalogs.

Now something else you should know about the organic, sustainable farmer: they are pretty much always down to share their knowledge with you. Why? Well, for one it’s their burning passion for such a lifestyle. And in the mind of a sustainable farmer, the more sustainable farmers out in the world, the better this world is. It’s not rooted in competition but collaboration.

the view from the banks of the Klamath River ❤ Riparian Love

Lindsay and I spent a year in a town called Orleans. It’s a tiny town nestled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest along the Klamath River. Here we met so many incredible, talented people living off the land – farming – gardening – creating a lifestyle that we fell in love with. These beautiful souls have acted as our mentors and friends as we drafted up our orders and planned out our next steps.

So…here we are. About to sow our seeds and live our dream. We’ll keep y’all updated as this journey unfurls. In the meantime, remember to stop and smell the flowers.

We send you our love on the wings of our pollinator friends
We send you our love on the wings of our pollinator friends!

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