Farm Fresh Blooms

We add color to your life. We produce flowers for the people and pollinators of Portland proper and the hinterlands beyond.

At Fawn Lily Farm, we focus on unique varieties. We believe flowers should smell as sweet as your grandmother’s garden. We know that flowers are therapy, and we seek light up your day with our non-sprayed blooms.

Find us at the Portland Flower Market!


Fawn Lily Farm was dreamt up in the sleepy mountain town of Orleans, CA. where Lindsay and Courtney lived across the Klamath river from one another. Inspired by the work ethic and passion of the wonderful families with whom they worked, Courtney and Lindsay began sowing the seeds of their future farm. With an abundant wild beauty surrounding them, they set out to Corbett, OR. to follow a dream.

The farm features a rich diversity of cut flower varieties, supporting local pollinators and honeybees. Our flowers are never sprayed and are cultivated with wheel hoe and brute strength. Care is taken to maintain soil health through the use of cover crops and minimal tillage. We’re way into microbes.

We have a half acre in cultivation this year. Our farm employs organic, sustainable practices to bring you the happiest blooms around. Soil and pollinator health are our top priorities. We feed the soil in order to cultivate a thriving soil food web, and we never use pesticides to ensure safety for our pollinator friends. We want to be transparent with our farm practices so feel free to ask any questions.


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